Thursday, October 11, 2007

tillie olsen

thanks to Antonia for this recommendation, a great well of literary quotes and references.

"... we are in a time of more and more hidden and foreground silences, women and men. Denied full writing life, more may try to 'nurse through night' (that part-time, part-self night) 'the ethereal spark', but it seems to me there would almost have had to be 'flame on flame' first; and time as needed, afterwards; and enough of the self, the capacities, undamaged for the rebeginnings on the frigthful task. But it cannot reconcile for what is lost by unnatural silences", In Silences.

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Antonia said...

i agree it is indeed a great well of quotes and the like and i find it a very important book for it points out the oftentimes scandalous circumstances under which art is "produced" - people tend to romanticize suffering and don't see its destructive power, the say all the great artists suffer and make it a condition for great art while they forget to see how much more nice art would be in the world if only the conditions where better.