Saturday, November 10, 2007


"I got the nerve to dream of making some good pictures in my lifetime after I learned about Eugène Atget and Julia Margaret Cameron.
Atget launched his work on the streets of Paris when he was 40 and Cameron began her famous photographs of friends when she was 53.
I started taking pictures when I was 38. My first portrait project was at First Mondays, a market in Scottsboro, Alabama, and it began with battered dolls.
When I could move close to the dolls I began doing the same thing with people."

Rosalind Solomon 2004.

"Must one suppose oneself mad because one has the sentiment of universal pity in one's heart?"
Victor Hugo, The Alps and Pyrenees


Jose said...

Life begins at 40! nico, stick to the plan... ahi nos sacamos fotos en el hemisferio norte y comenzamos a hole new career...nunca es tarde para nuevos despegues.
Me gusta la foto del dulce corderito (se sirve un platito de niachi?).

nico said...

es la foto de una mujer peruana dandole pecho al cordero, que buena, no? PAra que veas las salidas que no puede tener en la vida, no solamente dedicarse a regar esas plantas tuyas. Te escribo largo despues.