Monday, August 27, 2007

nicola barker II

When do we re-read? Is there time to re-read a novel?

"I dreamed I saw you dead in a place by the water. A ravaged place. All flat and empty and wide open. And you were covered in some kind of binding. Like a mummy. Something white and reflective, from head to toe.
And the light shone on you. Oh, how it shone on you! It glanced off you, and it was like a pure, bright silver.
The wind was singing. It sang: you have suffered enough. You have suffered enough.
Then death came and he kissed you. Lightly. Gently. Upon the lips. There is nothing beyond, he whispered, only me, only me.
There is nothing beyond.
Only me"

Now waiting for Barker's new novel, "Darkmans"...

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