Thursday, June 21, 2007

hyland follow up

Some projects that came to mind as I was reading M. J. Hyland's “Carry me down”, because of its device of having kids for narrators, were Ann Carson’s “Autobiography of Red” and Mark Haddon’s “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time”.

Carson’s novel in verse, based on a Hercules myth, takes a red-winged "monster" Geryon, with an adolescent crush on an older boy, Herakles. Moving from various locales, including Buenos Aires and Peru, the novel meditates on the interwoven themes of identity, memory, and eternity. Haddon’s novel also uses a conflicted kid (although he never names it, I guess he is autistic?) as a protagonist. He has said: "This is a murder mystery novel… the boy with Behavioral Problems explains a few pages further on. A fan of Sherlock Holmes stories, Christopher decides to investigate the poodle's murder and turn the story into a book of his own”.

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